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Vision Audits

Organizational Vision Alignment Diagnostics; Most CEOs believe that their vision is not fully integrated into the firm. They believe that the vision that they have for the firm is not fully harnessed within the firm. Leanhcm has devised innovative approaches to help CXOs with diagnosing the degree of alignment within an organization and help identify the gaps if any across the firm. We prescribe and implement interventions to help firms align with the leadership’s vision.

Team Meeting

Our Offerings

Business Consultation


ProComm is a comprehensive business communication program that combines deep learning and technology to provides the participants an immersive learning experience. The program is designed by practitioners and academics who understand the right balance between academic rigor and practical knowledge. The program is suited for students, professionals and anyone who is looking to sharpen their communication skills is a Paragraph. 

Consulting Services

Most often firms are caught up in tactical operations and hence unable to address critical challenges that impinge efficiency. Leanhcm’s unique approach which combines strategic and tactical interventions to help firms harness its latent efficiency. Our approach is to minimize large scale changes to the as-is which could disrupt in the short term. Instead, we focus on strategic changes with systemic impact thereby producing significant efficiencies in operations. Our experience spans across manufacturing, services and education. Some of the services offered are efficiency audits, staffing operations and bespoke consulting projects.

Business Consultation
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