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About us

It is common knowledge that human capital is the biggest asset of a firm. Organizations have constantly strived to harness the full potential of its human capital. With the constant changing environment within organizations and the world around us, there seems to be a big gap between aspirations and reality.

In their effort to see meaningful impact, most times firms are focused on large scale interventions which promise big bang impacts. These take time, money and acceptance within the organization.

At Leanhcm, we take a very simplistic yet meaningful approach to human capital management. We believe that small, timely and powerful actions help organizations achieve great things.

Our service offerings are smart, simple and scalable. 

Some of these are very simplistic and simple actions which have a systemic impact on the firm and its workforce. Yet, many times these small interventions are overlooked because the firms are busy focusing on big bang initiatives.

Advisory Board

Daan van Knippenberg is Houston Endowment Professor of Management at the Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University. He also holds positions as Professor of Organizational Behavior at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and co-founder of The Better Company in the Netherlands, which supports evidence-based management in the pursuit of strategic priorities. His core expertise is in the role of leadership and teamwork in making organizations – from start-ups to multinational enterprises – excel and be great places to work. This is the core focus of his research, of his teaching in (E)MBA and PhD programs, and of his work with companies.


Dr. Ringo Rajagopal has 3 decades of experience leading teams in sales, marketing, operations and human resources. He holds a doctorate in Business Administration from the prestigious Drexel University, Philadelphia, USA. He is currently the Managing Partner at Leanhcm LLC. Ringo started his career as Assistant Manager Tata Tea, Kerala, India. After his MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, Ringo joined Infosys in 1998 as part of its human resources team. He left Infosys as Regional HR lead and head recruitment, USA to join Accenture as head recruitment, India. He thereafter joined TCGIvega, a technology services firm in New Jersey USA as global head of client relations. In 2008, Ringo joined Pride Global, New York, as Senior Vice President, and Head, BPO Consulting practice. In 2012, Ringo co-founded Winhire, an innovative HCM product company. Winhire was acquired by Ameri100 in 2014, and Ringo became a member of the executive management. As Global Head Marketing, Ameri100, he was a key member responsible for the successful listing on NASDAQ in 2017. Dr. Ringo Rajagopal is the moderator for Entrepreneurial Leadership Forum, a platform that brings together entrepreneurial leaders and firms to discuss, share and learn leadership concepts.

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